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Pressure control

Pressure control

Premium and diverse products to enhance projects under the most challenging conditions

We offer a broad portfolio of pressure control products and services to drilling companies and pressure pumpers including frac pumps, temporary pipework (flowline), Coflexip flexible pipe, chokes, gate valves, and manifolds

Choke Valve

Wing Union

Compact Valve


Reciprocating Pumps

TechnipFMC is the world’s leading supplier of flowline products and services to the oilfield industry and has set the standard against which others are measured. From the original Chiksan® and Weco® products to the revolutionary equipment designs and integrated services of today, TechnipFMC’s flowline family of products and services enables clients to achieve maximum equipment life and value in a wide range of applications.

Online interface

To best manage the recertification of our clients’ iron, we leverage our web platform to plan, track, document and manage repair intervals based on our clients' standards. The application also offers on-demand reporting and is one common interface for all our facilities worldwide to ensure the right products are shipped to the right job and in excellent working conditions.

Global presence

Our pressure control products are supplied globally and our service centers are located near you to quickly respond to your operational needs.


Certificate of Conformance
TechnipFMC offers its customers the ability to electronically pull a Certificate of Conformance based on a unique serial number for products manufactured in Stephenville, TX

Long life, top value in pressure control

  • Flowline
  • Well service pumps
  • Frac manifold trailers
  • Coflexip flexible pipe
  • Temporary Pipe Restraints (TPR)
  • Choke and kill manifolds
  • Gate valves
  • Choke valves
  • Well service pump and iron recertification with asset management services
Pressure control

Lower Cost

Our products are built-to-last by design. We have a longstanding reputation with our Weco®, Chiksan®, and Coflexip® products. Our equipment delivers value by lasting longer, often many multiple times longer than competitive offerings.