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Drilling and completions

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Drilling and completions

A broad spectrum of products and systems to fit any well and any application.

From standard flanged wellhead to custom engineered critical service systems, TechnipFMC offers a broad spectrum of systems to fit your budget and performance parameters, whatever the well, whatever the application.

Flow Testing

TechnipFMC offers an extensive range of drilling systems for both onshore and offshore applications. Our product portfolio extends from fit-for-purpose conventional wellheads to harsh environment systems for High Pressure and High Temperature including custom specific designs. TechnipFMC has a reputation for delivering reliable technology based on a foundation of superior quality management systems, technology development and world renowned manufacturing techniques

Systems can be supplied with remote monitoring capabilities which allows proactive and 24/7 real-time management of assets in a cost-effective manner. These monitoring systems are designed specifically for the surface market and are scalable from standalone systems with simple web interfaces for small field layouts, to becoming part of a larger integrated system, depending on the client’s needs.

Wellheads and tree solutions

  • Conventional spooled wellheads
  • Time saving wellhead systems
  • Shale wellhead systems
  • Heavy oil wellheads
  • Shallow water systems
  • Special wellhead systems
  • Conventional stacked trees
  • Block trees - vertical and horizontal
  • Wellhead connectors
  • Wellhead installation and life of field services
Drilling and completions

Shale integrated pad-site solutions

  • Fracturing services
  • Sand management solutions
  • Flowback and Well Testing Services (WTS)
Drilling and completions

Integrated approach

Combining our comprehensive portfolio of products with flawless execution, we perform project management from engineering through field performance to deliver improved safety, time savings and cost reduction.

Our equipment is engineered to the highest standards, and our personnel is cross-trained to provide you with seamless interface during the costliest part of your operations.

Flawless execution

On time delivery and compliance to requirements provide seamless execution and less risks. Our service centers are located close to you so we can respond to your needs immediately. We are staffed with experienced technicians who provide continuous service, no matter your location.

Our wellhead systems are designed to help operators save rig time.

Global Leader

  • Reduced rig costs helping to improve the customer's project economics
  • Design features helping to improve safer operations at the field level
  • Robust qualification programs delivering innovative and reliable solutions. Testing meets or exceeds industry standards like API 6A PR2F
  • Standardized offering providing maximum interchangeability but in-house capability to design customer specific solutions when required.
  • In-house qualification testing facilities (not reliant on 3rd party companies)
  • Non-metallic sealing technology and supply chain developed internally
  • Extensive product offering from basic to extreme covering all segments of the upstream drilling segment i.e. conventional to full M2M Uniheads for extreme HPHT.
  • Global footprint - Ability to provide local support in all the major Oil and Gas producing basins of the world.
  • Management commitment to continue pushing the boundaries of wellhead technology through constant investment in our R & D programs