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Faster, safer and more economical transport and delivery of hydrocarbons

Whether transporting automotive, aviation or heating fuels, distillates or LPG’s, TechnipFMC has the array of products and depth of applications expertise to meet these diverse measurement requirements.

  • 75+ years
  • 2,500 systems
  • Millions of installed meters
  • World class automation solutions
  • 24/7 service and support


Flow Research and Test Center


Revolve Program

Service Training Schools

Trucks, ships, railroads and pipelines are the normal means of transporting oil, gas, natural gas liquids (NGL) and their derivatives. TechnipFMC supplies this industry segment with complete fabricated systems for custody transfer and allocation measurement; metering instrumentation and intelligent automation helping to optimize operations.

For downstream transportation, we also provide smart measurement devices, SCADA pipeline automation, and terminal automation providing, inventory accounting and reporting and ERP integration.

Since 1940, our Smith Meter® brand has produced reliable, accurate and consistent measurement results backed by millions of installed meters.

Our end-to-end turnkey solutions include the design, manufacturing, service, support, monitoring and training on our systems and products. We provide full integration, automation and remote monitoring of smart flow measurements from the field operations level to global control and integration with our clients’ ERP.

To learn more, download our case study:

A remote approach to flow calibration witness testing

M-Flow Sure-Cut Low Water Cut Analyzer 

Sure-Cut delivers precision water cut measurement under challenging process conditions, offering premium low water cut analyzer technology with real time density and temperature compensation features with remote operations capabilities.

To learn more, download our brochure and case study:

M-Flow Sure-Cut Brochure

M-Flow Sure-Cut Case Study

Exceeding expectations

Industry leading measurement technologies with in-house testing facility.

TechnipFMC manufactures three API-approved custody dynamic transfer metering technologies:

  • Ultrasonic
  • Turbine
  • Positive displacement (PD)

Utilizing our Flow Research and Test Center guarantees optimum verification of meter performance. It is the only facility in the world that can test meters over the widest dynamic measurement range. It demonstrates product functionality, reliability, accuracy on a full-scale setting, in real time.

Smith Meter® and Sening®

Our highly esteemed Smith Meter® and Sening® product lines set the standard for petroleum supply chain management.

Our accurate and reliable measurement solutions make the daily routine of hydrocarbon and petroleum product transportation and delivery faster, safer and more economical.