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Completion and Intervention Services

Completion and Intervention Services

Completion and intervention services offering value through integrated solutions

We have a track record of more than 25 years in all major basins around the world.

TechnipFMC offers completion and intervention systems on a turnkey rental basis for landing string (LS) (link to LS description in blue below), completion workover risers (CWOR) (link to CWOR description in blue below), and intervention workover control systems (IWOCS) services.

Fully qualified

Our systems have been designed and fully qualified to the latest industry standards such as ISO 13628-7 and API 17G. The systems are used primarily as a conduit from the rig floor to the tubing hanger and devices downhole, providing well-bore cutting and sealing capabilities and emergency disconnect during both completion and intervention activities.

Integrated services

Our riser-based well completions and interventions team delivers fully integrated services by combining leading technologies, trained onshore and offshore personnel, a dedicated project management team, robust and reliable equipment and a global footprint. (link to the map of track record)

Our rig-based systems such as LS are used together with the subsea tree specific completion tooling and tree IWOCS for tree installation and well completion.

Integrated service package

  • Subsea tree and tubing head installation
  • Tubing hanger installation
  • Run/retrieve tubing hanger wireline plugs and tools
  • Well flowback and testing
  • Interventions during the life of the well
  • Fully integrated IWOCS, LS system, and CWRS on a rental basis

Dedicated teams and optimized services

Lower cost

  • 20% fewer people on board compared to industry to minimize OPEX
  • Integrated services (IWOCS/LS) reduce costs 25% verses stand-alone services

Faster delivery

  • Integrated offerings reduce mobilization time
  • Dedicated core teams for single point responsibility and proactive planning
  • Optimized infrastructures increase capacity, productivity and efficiency

Performance improvement

  • Improved safety performance
  • Tooling availability through standardization
  • Highly competent engineering and technical staff ensure best in-class services
  • Optimized rig/vessel uptime