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Engineering solutions and leading-edge technologies for the global energy transition needs

A renewable energy strategy and capabilities in biofuels, green chemicals and circular economy, carbon capture and storage, and marine energies.

Pyrolysis bio-oil technology

Carbon Capture and Storage

Hummingbird technology


We anticipate our clients’ requirements, commitments and expectations, fostering technologies and engineering solutions that meet future energy scenarios and that promote circular economy.


In the biofuels market, we were chosen by Neste to engineer and deliver two plants intended to mark a major milestone in the Finnish company’s strategy to become the leader in the renewable diesel market.

Green chemicals & circular economy technologies

We are very active in the emerging field of green chemicals and technologies for circular economy. In addition to our proprietary technologies in that sector, we have entered several relationships to develop drop-in or new green chemicals composed, in whole or in significant part, of bio-derived products.

Carbon capture and storage

We have built more than 50 installations for the removal of carbon dioxide and sulfur components from natural gases. This experience makes our company particularly well-positioned to successfully execute all types of CCS projects.

Marine energies

We bring our expertise and skills in the engineering and management of complex projects in marine environment. We are actively involved in the development of Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) technology.

Our technologies & alliances

Green Chemicals

Proprietary technologies:

  • 1G Ethanol technology
  • Hummingbird® technology: ethanol to ethylene
  • Epicerol® technology: glycerol to epichlorohydrin
  • Bio-based / bio-degradable plastics based on proprietary Zimmer® technologies like PBAT, PBS and PTT

Technology Cooperations:

  • Cooperation with BTG Bioliquids on EPC services for biomass to oil pyrolysis
  • Cooperation with Futerro and Sulzer for commercialization of integrated lactic acid and polylactic acid plants

Carbon capture and storage

  • Alliance with Shell for post combustion carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) to develop and deploy innovative solutions in CCS, capable of removing over 90% of the CO2 in waste gases, while reducing SO2 and NO2 emissions.
  • Technology agreement with Petronas Carigali Sdn Bhd for the development of the K5 field in Malaysia
  • Oxyfuel technology
  • Agreement with Geogreen, an international services company specialized in CO2 transport and storage in 2008.

Marine energies

  • OTEC technology
  • HOTEC research (hybrid OTEC)

EPC expertise to engineer and deliver renewables projects

  • Perfect partner to for commercialization support through scale-up, value engineering, PDP services and licensing services
  • R&D support services through lab and pilot facilities in Weymouth, USA and Frankfurt, Germany
  • EPC expertise to engineer and deliver renewables projects, whether grassroots or revamps
  • Large portfolio of first-in-class process technologies offered for license
  • Strong process technologies capabilities
  • Large procurement organization
  • Global reach through broad network of offices