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Conceptual studies

Conceptual studies

Early engagement provides our clients the best technological solutions at optimized cost

Our involvement in a project begins at the conceptual design phase and field development engineering to provide the best technological solutions to our client specific needs at the most critical phase for total investment cost.

We perform conceptual studies and design packages based on our longstanding experience and high expertise, and with the support of our wholly owned subsidiary Genesis Oil & Gas, which specializes in field development planning.

Our consulting services and technologies are designed to serve our clients well during the critical phases of planning and investment optimization, offering master planning and configuration screening, performing block optimization, defining U&O concepts, managing investment cost estimate and performing profitability and financial analysis. We can help select the best technologies to meet specific project needs and support the development of project financing options.

Our strong regional footprint provides a unique proximity with our clients.

Our offerings cover:

Modeling and development

Not only do we offer clients our experience in the use of commercially available software, but also in our own internally developed modeling tools. These technologies are used for all aspects of plant and platforms design and are based on years of experience and are backed by numerous industrial references and feedback from operating plants.

Proprietary technologies

We continuously develop and offer our own world-class technologies for products such as ethylene, hydrogen and RFCC, as well as in the fields of progressive distillation, CRYOMAX, cryogenic recovery and pyrometallurgy.

With thousands of references involving technologies from major licensors, we have developed an in-depth knowledge and understanding of a wide range of processes in refining, gas treatment and liquefaction, syngas and fertilizers, petrochemicals etc.

Strategic alliances

Through several selected alliances with technology licensors, we bring our engineering and construction experience to offer optimized solutions to our clients.