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Leading global contractor covering all midstream and downstream facilities

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Leading global contractor covering all midstream and downstream facilities

From concept to start-up, we deliver predictable, affordable projects

Our culture of innovation has given us a pioneering and leading advantage, especially in liquefied natural gas, ethylene and refining. We differentiate ourselves through our experience, knowledge and unique project management capabilities. We offer optimized solutions for all Onshore developments.

From licensed proprietary technologies, FEED studies and early engagement, to complete EPC solutions and Project Management Consultancy (PMC), we have the expertise, experience and strong partnerships to deliver the best for our clients.

With 60 years of greenfield and brownfield expertise, we deliver predictable and affordable projects of all size and complexity.

Process technologies

We have a unique expertise in integrating process technologies, either proprietary or from third-party licensors. This fosters early project engagement and makes the greatest impact on project economics.

Forging the right partnerships

We partner with the world's most reputable players in oil and gas for technologies, equipment, or construction to offer our clients the most efficient project execution schemes.

Broad range of services and technologies

Our clients depend on us to provide many solutions for their project needs. We offer a broad range of services and technologies including: early studies, technology licensing, proprietary equipment and project management to full EPC. We support gas monetization, refining, petrochemicals and polymers, and other activities such as mining and metals, life sciences and biofuels. Our Project Management Consultancy (PMC) activities leverage our expertise in the management of complex projects.

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