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World Gas Conference

Visit us at stand #4125, Washington D.C, USA

June 25-29, 2018

Engineering ambitious energy projects to fuel the future

The World Gas Conference brings together global energy decision-makers from across the gas value chain.

The event provides an ideal opportunity to meet leading solution providers such as TechnipFMC. Come to stand #4125 to learn how we are integrating our innovative engineering and project management skills with advanced technologies.

With a large experience in all regions and environments, we are a leader in gas field production facilities, pipelines and treatment units. Our engineering resources empower parallel execution of brownfield and greenfield LNG projects.
Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)

With nearly 60 years of LNG experience, we are a top tier EPC contractor that together with our joint venture partners has delivered the Yamal LNG Train 1 in the Russian Arctic, the world’s six largest LNG trains in Qatar, the first plant in Yemen, and several small-scale plants in China.

Floating Liquefied Natural Gas (FLNG)

Our combined experience in LNG, offshore and subsea systems make TechnipFMC the leading engineering contractor in FLNG facilities through contracts with TechnipFMC-led consortia for Shell Prelude, Petronas Satu and ENI Coral South.


While focused on project execution, we continuously develop innovative technologies to meet our clients’ needs. Our technologies and process designs provide energy-efficient and cost-optimized solutions for gas monetization.

Processes for NGL recovery and nitrogen rejection from LNG, plus our association with Wieland and Kelvion for high-performance exchangers, are examples of our ongoing success.

Nello Uccelletti

President Onshore-Offshore

Against the backdrop of an energy industry embracing gas field production, Nello Uccelletti explains that TechnipFMC has the know-how and experience to help our clients exploit this trend while lowering costs.

Phil Hagyard

Group Vice President Gas Monetization, Onshore/Offshore

Phil Hagyard outlines TechnipFMC’s differentiation and leadership in gas production.

Our solid track record over six decades, combined with advanced technology development, help deliver low-cost, predictable project execution while maintaining high environmental standards

Jean-Marc Letournel

Senior Vice President Business and Technology

Jean-Marc Letournel describes TechnipFMC’s offering in fixed and floating platforms. He explains how Floating LNG has made it possible to unlock new energy resources offshore. He also notes new developments such as mega-modules and gas FPSO’s

Stan Knez

Senior Vice President Process Technology

Stan Knez describes TechnipFMC’s activities in North America and how shale gas delivers an abundance of ethane, making LNG and ethylene projects viable.

Yamal LNG

Success in the Arctic

Yamal LNG is one of the biggest LNG projects in the world and the largest application of modularization ever undertaken. 

When completed, Yamal LNG will product a total of 16.5 Mtpa of LNG and up to 1.2 Mtpa of gas condensate, which will be shipped to Asia-Pacific and European markets. 

Equinor Aasta Hansteen

World’s first Arctic Spar

Through the delivery of the Spar sub-structure, TechnipFMC helps unlock new possibilities for client Equinor.

The project reaffirms our leadership in the design of Spar platforms with 17 Spars engineered out of the 21 installed worldwide.

Shell Prelude FLNG

The first FLNG project

Prelude is the largest floating facility ever built and the first FLNG project to be sanctioned.

Petronas FLNG Satu

Changing the landscape of LNG production

Malaysia’s first FLNG helps monetize resources from remote marginal and stranded gas using a moveable asset.

Offloading LNG at sea

Parallelize you LNG offloading operations

Discover how TechnipFMC engineers smart solutions for LNG offloading using conventional gas carriers to unlock the spot market for FLNGs in harsh environmental conditions.

Shell Malikai TLP

Malaysia’s first tension leg platform

Learn about TechnipFMC’s first TLP platform and Shell’s first TLP in Asia Pacific.

Primarily an oil producer, the Shell TLP produces a small amount of natural gas used for gas lift. Additional gas is sent to a nearby processing platform.

LNG webzine

Learn interactively about our expertise in LNG

Read more

Use the different tiles of this application to gain access to:

  • An overview of LNG
  • The workings of an LNG plant
  • Our technologies: Processes, Cryomax, dual-enhanced surface tubes, and the transfer of LNG
  • A selection of projects: Lake Charles liquefaction expansion, Hanas mid-scale LNG plant, Yamal LNG

FLNG webzine

The FLNG webzine covers:

  • An overview of FLNG
  • How a FLNG works
  • Our technologies: Parallel loading systems, LNG cold spill, FLNG safety engineering, Spiral Stack Turret, and mega modules
    Key projects: ENI Coral South FLNG and Petronas Satu FLNG

Gas processing

With 60 years of experience, TechnipFMC is a world leader in the conceptual design, engineering and construction of gas production, transport, processing, liquefaction, and storage facilities and terminals.


TechnipFMC pioneered base-load LNG plant construction with the first-ever such facility in Arzew, Algeria. Some 60 years later, we have built more than 80 Mtpa of LNG capacity, some in the most challenging environments.


With three of the industry's first FLNG contracts, TechnipFMC is the leading developer for the next generation of FLNG facilities.

Petronas Satu FLNG

Gain insight into how we engineered and delivered Malaysia’s first FLNG. The facility has been in production since early December 2016, with the world’s first transfer of LNG at sea achieved in March 2017.

Enhanced Heat Transfer Solutions

In the past two decades, TechnipFMC and its partners have successfully developed and implemented a wide range of enhanced heat transfer technologies in key industries such as LNG and ethylene plants.

Offshore Platforms and Facilities

TechnipFMC delivers all types of offshore fixed and floating facilities and helps determine the most economical way to bring clients’ hydrocarbons to market.