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We value the personal experiences and learnings that all our employees bring to the company

We thrive on being an inclusive company made up of individuals with diverse backgrounds and thoughts, who come up with the solutions that drive our achievements and ultimately our clients’ success.

Every day we want you to be able to do your best.

Our graduate program is designed for fresh graduates who are ready to have a successful career in a solid company that is recognized for its innovation and is a market leader.

We offer opportunities to be part of breakthrough projects and experience global opportunities building a career full of inspiring experiences.

Our environment

  • Favorable for realizing possibilities
  • Multiple career opportunities
  • Inclusive and Diverse
  • Focused on Learning and development

Our program

  • Training Package - to be an “expert” in our business and
    • Rotation within the business – building a more comprehensive perspective on business
    • Active Engagement – your role is not limited to its function
    • Commit to make a difference

Hear from our junior talent

Marysol Ribeiro


- Brazil

Working with TechnipFMC’s positive and engaging environment makes all the difference.

I hold a bachelor degree in Production Engineering and joined TechnipFMC in Brazil in a young graduates program in 2014. My experience in different businesses during the program provided me the necessary skills and expertise to work in the Commercial department today, working on proposals for our clients. One of TechnipFMC’s priorities that I am most proud of is the genuine care with people. I had a colleague once with health issues and I saw all the company efforts to provide support not only for the employee and family, but also for the whole team. Working in a positive and engaging environment makes all the difference for me and I can find it here.

Ritwik Taddi

Flow Control Lead Engineer - Projects

- India

Working at TechnipFMC is to be sure that you will be exposed to great challenges and learn from the best.

Growing up, I always needed to be able to apply what I was being taught. Upon completing my Mechanical Engineering TechnipFMC promoted a selection of young engineers and that's how I joined the company in 2013 as a graduate and 8 years later I am a technical leader responsible for the Engineering execution of Flow control Engineering projects. Working at TechnipFMC is to be sure that you will be exposed to great challenges and learn from the best professionals across the Industry. The Organization's commitment to Core Values have always motivated me to challenge and better myself each day.

Mayra Tovar

Surface Flowline Service and Sales


Projects always challenge us to rethink standards and push boundaries.

I am the first in my family to graduate from college. I joined TechnipFMC in Stephenville 3 years ago and have worked to standardize the sales processes. I have leverage technology and focus on optimizing the technicians’ routines at our Surface service centers. Today I work with our strategic target accounts. Working with TechnipFMC means discovering a world of new possibilities every day and I am now excited to be part of the Young Graduates program. No day is equal to the other, and projects always challenge us to rethink standards and push boundaries.

Vinicius Pinheiro

Manufacturing continuous improvement

- Brazil

I am proud to work with the company that has a strong commitment with diversity and inclusion.

I joined TechnipFMC through a Young Graduates program working with design and implementation of technical engineering training. After this experience, I joined manufacturing engineering team in the assembly area. At this moment of my career I realized that my passion is work close to the shop floor. Today I am continuous improvement coordinator and I am satisfied to work helping the manufacturing plant to rethink our processes and change our company culture. I work in a company that allows me to have a voice in different forums and influence decisions about our business. As part of LGBT group, I am proud to work in a company that is committed to diversity and inclusion focused on having equal opportunities for all.

Andrea Hartley

Product Performance Engineering


I have always put a high value on collaborating with people.

Growing up overseas, I have always put a high value on collaborating with people. I saw first hand that working with people with different points of view and experiences provides us with the ability to find the most ideas and choose best possible solutions. At TechnipFMC, I have had the opportunity to work with people from across the world in many of my roles. In my current role, I engage contacts globally on a daily basis to gather information and discuss ideas and improvements.

Vinicius Souza

Manufacturing Industrial Engineering

- Brazil

Working at TechnipFMC allows me to apply my knowledge to improve operational processes generating value to business on a daily basis.

My journey at TechnipFMC started in the manufacturing operation as an assembly & test technician. Since then, I finished my Engineering degree, worked in different areas and recently joined the Industrial Assembly engineering team as an Engineer. Working at TechnipFMC allows me to apply my knowledge to improve operational processes generating value to business on a daily basis. It is very motivating and enriching to act in an environment that favors development and constantly challenges you to go further, seeking better results and innovations. Besides that, working at TechnipFMC let me make my personal dreams come true.

Samantha Lim

Subsea Structural Engineer

- Malaysia

Work with a diverse team with space to express your opinions and ideas freely in an inclusive environment.

I Joined TechnipFMC 2 years ago in the Graduate Program in Malaysia. When I finished my engineering college and started looking for opportunities I never imagined working in the Oil & Gas industry, but I was surprised by a warm and welcoming reception and with a focus on innovation and cultural plurality since my first interview. Working at TechnipFMC means knowing that you will work with a diverse team with space to express your opinions and ideas freely in an inclusive environment. It is a pleasure to learn daily from brilliant professionals and work in a company committed to have more women in the industry.

Tobias Lund

Subsea Structural Engineer

- Norway

Positive and result-oriented colleagues make a difference.

After attaining my Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering, I wanted to work in project teams creating value while applying my technical and social skill set. A friend made me aware of a vacant position at TechnipFMC and after a couple of interviews and a job offer, I never looked back.

What I enjoyed most while being a part of the Graduate Program in TechnipFMC was the amount of responsibility the Project Team gave me. From day one, which allowed for interesting and challenging tasks with achievable deadlines. Having positive and result-oriented colleagues really makes a difference.

TechnipFMC provides the perfect balance between work and social activities: from climbing mountains, catching waves, or having a laugh while sacrificing your legs and knees playing company football. For me this Graduate Program was the perfect way to enter the workforce.

STEM? We have it!

Our approach to education for youth and to learning and development integrates the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

Here are some examples of our STEM initiatives:  

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Young apprentice program, 

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STEM Day in Houston,

Hotspot Stem France 800X450

Elles Bougent Energy Day in Paris, France

Hotspot Stem Azerbaijan 800X450

Baku Master Program in Baku,

Hotspot Stem India Science Lab Gujarat 800X450

Science Centres for Girls in Gujarat, India

Hotspot Stem Norway 800X450

Technology Days in Kongsberg,

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"I am very proud of our STEM programs across our global community"

Doug Pferdehirt – TechnipFMC Chairman and CEO