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Our foundational beliefs are the core of the ‘TechnipFMC way’. They describe how we fundamentally operate and what we never compromise on, no matter the circumstance. Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. For us, Sustainability transcends beyond simply acting responsibly. How we do business is as important as why we do business. Our company strategy, together with our core values and foundational beliefs, inform how we do business sustainably now, and into the future.

Our environmental focus on carbon reduction

As a company, TechnipFMC has made its 50 by 30 commitment – targeting a 50 percent reduction in Scope 1 and 2* CO2 equivalent emissions by 2030.

We are looking to utilize renewable resources – wind, water, solar and hybrid biofuels – to provide our power around the globe. Facilities in India and Singapore are already using electricity from on-site solar cells, and our Brazil operations buys power from renewable sources.

Corn Field

We have made further commitments to cut emissions and waste in our Environmental, Social and Governance Scorecard.

While it is our duty to work to reduce our carbon footprint, we want to help our clients reduce their emissions and bring about real change within our industry. We are developing new technology that will make a difference in the energy transition arena including Deep Purple, which uses hydrogen from electrolyzed seawater as an energy source. We also have partnerships with Bombora in offshore floating wind and wave energy and Magnora for wind energy. By 2023 we aim to have 33 percent of our order intake linked to our lower carbon intensity offerings such as Subsea 2.0™ and iComplete™.

Additionally, we are focused on waste management, targeting 10 percent of waste from our assets and projects being recycled and reused. We’ve also committed to reducing our water consumption by 10 percent by the year 2023.

We have set targets, but it is not just about reaching goals. For us, this is a never-ending journey as we take responsible actions, bring innovative lower-carbon technology and solutions to our clients, and leverage partnerships for renewable energy to create a more sustainable company and planet.



*Scope 1 – Our direct emissions from fuel we burn
*Scope 2 – Indirect emissions from fuel we purchase