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Great place to work

We offer breakthrough projects in a global landscape for inspiring experiences

Our values are at the heart of everything we do. They define our aspirations and the company we want to be. They are the key drivers that guide our behaviors and attitudes in a distinctly TechnipFMC way.

  • Realizing possibiities

    Realizing possibilities

    • We strive for ever better
    • We take initiative
    • We learn from success and failure
  • Achieving together

    Achieving together

    • We work as one team
    • We share knowledge
    • We embrace diversity of thought
  • Building trust

    Building trust

    • We listen to improve
    • We partner constructively
    • We seek to outperform

Breakthrough projects

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Energy Transition, Deep Purple™

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iProduction™ integrated system

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Global landscape

Centers and projects working exclusively on a multinational, multi-country basis.

+20,000 Employees

41 Countries

102 Nationalities

Inspiring experiences

Tai Prince

QHSES Programs


Turning a big idea into broad smiles.

I work on a lot of interesting projects. But the most exciting experience I’ve had involved giving something back and investing in young people. Planning our annual STEM Day for BOLD (Black Organization for Leadership & Development) was so rewarding! Having an idea, creating the vision and seeing so many smiles on kids’ and parents’ faces. We put a lot of effort in but it didn’t feel like work. We had so much fun all the way from planning to execution.

Tom Merritt

Project Management

- United Kingdom

The satisfaction of finding the answer.

I cycle 16 miles to work each day, crossing the spectacular Forth Bridge by Edinburgh, as the sun comes up. It’s the perfect way to wake up and clear my head before starting work. I’m currently developing standard product design across our entire wellhead division. It’s such an interesting challenge, as all our systems and components have to be cost effective, efficient and, most of all, safe. I rely a lot on the amazing global network at TechnipFMC. Whenever I’m stuck, there’s always someone to help. And when you find the correct answer, it’s so satisfying.

Kristin Johannessen

Engineering Subsea Projects

- Norway

A culture of respect and integrity.

It comes down to treating people with respect and integrity, in good times and bad. My experience here is that we respect the individual for their contribution, regardless of the situation and independent of nationality, gender or color. That culture has been vital to my career development. It is all about equal opportunities and having good role models. I’ve been fortunate to find both at TechnipFMC.

Dominique Boren


- France

Delivering a mega project.

The legal side of a huge subsea project is a grand achievement all by itself. We were awarded a project in Angola that involved more than 30 nationalities. I was able to play a major role in setting up our partnership with the national authorities of Mozambique. You feel a real sense of responsibility when you know that a whole nation and generations of people will benefit from our work.

Sneha Malipeddi


- India

People from all over the world singing Happy Birthday to me.

I am proud to be one of the many brilliant women in engineering leadership roles across our business. I’m a strong promoter of inclusion, and a big part of understanding diversity comes from bringing our global team together. That’s why we have events like Annual Day. I remember the 2017 event very clearly because I received a service award, and then gave a dance recital for everyone! What made it really special was that it was my birthday that day. Once the news got out, I had people from all over the world singing ‘Happy Birthday’ to me.

Jérôme Naturel

Transverse Engineering

- France

Digital transformation that drives real change.

This is a place where technical people can build long and varied careers. However, you can also have an impact from day one. I came from the automotive industry, but relatively quickly, I was leading a team to develop software that made a vital step-change in our design process.

I’ve worked on pure engineering challenges, software development and large-scale transformation projects – learning and growing all the time. Developing software ultimately allows me and my team to see the real-world impact of design changes at a glance.

Brigitte Voss

Project Management Manufacturing

- Norway

So much potential and so much to learn.

I have worked on all kinds of projects, but they have one thing in common: the buzz you get from achieving something as a team. Working with talented, dedicated people, from different backgrounds and nationalities, towards a common goal, is uniquely rewarding, especially in a business that’s so committed to innovating around sustainability. When colleagues share their enthusiasm for a challenge they are truly engaged in, it’s amazing what we can achieve together. It’s exciting. It’s inspiring.

Igor Moreira

Field Service

- Brazil

That amazing feeling of a pioneer project.

I work on equipment that’s responsible for the control of subsea oil and gas production. Any downtime is very undesirable and requires quick action to restore production. We work on pioneer projects like pre-salt; which took Brazilian oil production from 1m barrels per day to 2.4m. So you learn a lot from the successes and failures along the way. We work hard as a team when the pressure is on and that makes me very proud.

Omon Dibua



Making happy colleagues and happy clients.

I love managing people. I truly believe that my success and failure as a manager is determined by the success and failure of my team. So, when I was sent to Canada to reorganize the team on a large project, I took the challenge head-on. It was a major change to the way we were working, but we managed to put together an efficient team. Most importantly, we kept momentum going on the project and that meant a happy team and a happy client.

Claudia Oliveira


- Brazil

New responsibilities, new opportunities.

When I began working in the finance department, I knew practically nothing about finance. But throughout my time here, my managers and colleagues have supported me in learning and growing every day. They’ve recognized my work, given me amazing training opportunities and asked me to take on more and more responsibilities. Most of all, they’ve always valued me for my capabilities rather than my disability. Two promotions later, I could not be more proud and grateful.

Tracy Toh

Aftermarket Commercial

- Malaysia

A sense of belonging and being respected.

When I joined TechnipFMC back in 2001, I had no idea of the growth potential of the business and the impact it would have on my career. I have grown from a Base Administrator for Malaysia to the Aftermarket Commercial team covering the whole of Asia Pacific. It took a lot of hard work, but I always had great support. I owe a lot to the managers, colleagues, and even customers, who encouraged me. I am surrounded by a fantastic team of understanding and amazing people. The culture here makes you feel connected, acknowledged and respected. It makes you feel like you truly belong.

Todd Romine



My name is on that equipment.

In the field, you have to stand your ground for doing things the right way. You need to keep quality and safety at the forefront. Every time I leave a job site, I’m signing off on the equipment and installation for the future. Sometimes that means making tough calls, like shutting down a multi-million dollar well-site. But my name is on that equipment. I want to be sure that it’s still operating thirty years from now. So it has to be done right.


Breakthrough projects + Global landscape = Inspiring experiences


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Work on breakthrough projects

New exciting projects, new products, new technologies and great people.

Together we:

  • Tackle some of the most complex technical and engineering challenges in the world.
  • Create safe and sustainable solutions to the seemingly impossible.
  • Deliver critical projects of a scale, scope and difficulty that you simply won’t find anywhere else.

Work in a global environment

Our industry is international, and our open-minded organization boasts a wealth of diverse backgrounds, skills, cultures and ideas, creating a rich and remarkable international environment that you can evolve within. Why work one way when you can work a million different ways?

  • Many different nationalities at every location.
  • Centers and projects working exclusively on a multinational, multi-country basis.
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Live inspiring experiences

We offer projects that will challenge and stretch you. Colleagues across the globe who will stimulate and support you. Opportunities and achievements that will accelerate your development. A sense of adventure that will take you to places you never imagined.

  • To build successful careers.
  • To be proud of what you do.