Mark Richardson, Vice-President Neptune Energy

"Establishing a strong alliance partnership was a critical step for Neptune Energy. As an agile independent operator, we saw that we could achieve a safer, faster and better route to market through the Alliance"

An alliance means

partnership and commitment!


Long term partnerships build


Designing and executing a large subsea project is challenging and involves uncertainties and risks.  


Early engagement between the parties is critical to create a mutual understanding: Both of all the requirements for a field development needed and the solutions available. This minimizes the complexity, reduces risk, and establishes the best possible basis for successful project execution.

When a partnership is established through a long-term collaboration agreement, the integrated project team of both Partners has collective responsibility for an agile project execution.

Long term partnerships build trust. Through continuous co-creation and collaborative working, such trusted partnerships deliver increased value for all parties.

Collaborative partnership and integrated project teams drive value


We offer openness and shared values, better communication and integration!

We would love to present our integrated solutions and alliances references!

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