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Supporting communities

Supporting communities

Essential to successfully running our business

TechnipFMC’s Code of Business Conduct encourages employees to engage with local communities in the countries where they work and to contribute to their social and economic self-sustainability.

Supporting Communities means we are strongly committed to creating a better world in the places we live and work. This is an important example of our foundational beliefs in action and we do this by promoting social and economic self-sustainability. Also, to make the greatest impact, we focus our contributions, through monetary support and volunteerism, by addressing challenges across health, education and local employment.

Our commitment is to make a long-term, positive impact in the communities where we live and work and our guiding principles are:

  • To make an impact across health, education and local employment.
  • To create and share positive value in the countries where we live and work.
  • To help communities become more self-sustainable.
  • To focus on consistent engagement over time.
  • To encourage and enable our people to contribute.

In 2019, we launched our global volunteering program, iVolunteer, that enables employees to support initiatives in the communities where they live and work. The key purpose is to have a positive, tangible, and collective impact on these communities. 

iVolunteer allows entities and countries to develop volunteering initiatives to further engage employees. Globally, approximately 12,650 of our employees participated in local initiatives and spent approximately 26,500 hours volunteering in 2019.