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Respecting the environment

Respecting the environment

We are committed to respecting the environment

Across the world, TechnipFMC is committed to operating in an incident-free environment in a manner that minimizes our impact on the planet. This is an important component of our core values. We are also working to develop sustainable solutions to reduce both carbon emissions and the overall environmental footprint for our company and for our industry. We develop technologies and solutions that favorably impact the planet.

Our overriding ambition at TechnipFMC is to enhance the performance of the world’s energy industry. Respecting the environment helps us achieve that by maintaining a focus on minimizing our impact on the environment, developing technologies and solutions that favorably impact the planet and operating incident-free around the world.

Our guiding principles are:

  • To foster incident-free environments.
  • To minimize the carbon footprint of all our activities.
  • To address the environmental impact of our supply chain.
  • To create sustainable solutions that reduce carbon emissions in the long term.
  • To engage our clients and partners in our efforts to reduce environmental impact.

We have developed engineering solutions and leading-edge technologies for the global energy transition needs and supporting our clients for a low carbon pathway.

Our projects have provided value for our clients by helping them increase production and reducing environmental impact.